Discovery Gas Transmission LLC
 Pursuant to 18 CFR 284.13(b)(1), Firm Transportation Transactional Reporting is shown below and will remain for 90 days: 
Post Date: 03/01/2023
Transactional Reporting
             Rate  Max Tariff Ngtd P/L Rate Cap  
Shipper  DUNS ID Contract Effective Expiration MDQ-Dth  Charged  Rate Rate Affiliate Schedule  Release Special Terms & Miscellaneous Notes
Cokinos Energy LLC DBA Cokinos Energy Corporation 006801588 DTF355 03/01/2023 Life of Lease 15000     N N FT-2  
  Points  Location Location Name  R/D  Qty               
  25600A Raceland Aggregate to LAROSE R  
  41000 Larose Residue to BHLP D $0.1600 $0.1729  
  41011 Larose Residue to Gulf South D $0.1600 $0.1729  
  07001 Larose Plant D $0.1600 $0.1729  
  41005 Larose Residue to TXS East D $0.1600 $0.1729  
  41009 Columbia Gulf Delv D $0.1600 $0.2845  
  40002 DGT to Transco Thibodeaux D $0.1600 $0.2845  
                        Posted 03/01/2023