Discovery Gas Transmission LLC
2800 Post Oak Boulevard, Level 3, Houston, Texas 77056
P. O. Box 1396, Houston, Texas 77251-1396
Commercial Operations
Name Title Office Phone Cell Phone Email
Robert Biffle Vice President Commercial, Gulf of Mexico 713-289-4667
Natalie Queen Manager Commercial Development 713-215-4108 918-519-1894
Alicia Uhlenhake Commercial Development Representative 346-439-9582 281-217-0089
Marshall Burke Commercial Development Representative 281-220-7755
Jenna Dean Commercial Development Representative 713-215-3763 281-974-8300
Volume Management
Volume Management On Call Number: 918-573-2020
Name Title Cell Phone Email
Cody Edwards Manager Volume Management 330-413-1592
Jeff Holt Volume Management, Supervisor 405-290-8535
Justin Eppler Volume Management Representative 918-361-7827
Lori Lewis Volume Management Representative 918-640-3548
Pipeline Control
Main Number: 918-573-7400
Emergency Number: 800-635-7400
Name Title Office Phone Cell Phone Email
Clint Ratke Manager - Pipeline Control 405-626-1785
Dewayne Mouser Supervisor - Pipeline Control 918-573-1482 405-795-4580
Aaron Gibney Lead Pipeline Controller 918-573-6298 918-549-5953
Regulatory and Contract Administration
Name Title Office Email
Sherlyn Pikes Regulatory Analyst Lead 713-215-3449
Robin Valsin Commercial Contract Analyst II 713-215-3631
Name Title Office Email
Adreanne Temple Supervisor 539-777-1579
Bonita Hammontree Senior Accountant - Revenue Billing 539-777-1564
Joleen Cox Senior Accounting Analyst - FERC Reporting 539-777-1567
Cheryl Geiger Accounting Consultant 539-777-0550
Name Title Office Cell Email Fax
Allison Jenkins FERC Compliance Officer 713-215-2238 281-881-1660 918-594-1029